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Analytical chromatography

Since the first days of the invention of chromatography, Merck has been offering a number of products that have been recognized as indispensable for the development of chromatography. All attention is focused on the customer and the development of individual projects. Many years of experience have shown that the successful implementation of a project is possible through the use of knowledge and constant self-improvement. Today Merck is one of the market leaders in thin layer chromatography and bio chromatography, and is dedicated to the development of bio chromatography and sorbents, analytical and preparative columns. and samples

Analytical HPLC

For many years, Merck has been providing top quality HPLC separation means and HPLC columns. HPLC separation can be carried out reliably even for the most complex research, quality control, environmental, clinical and biochemical analyses. The best-known brands of Merck Millipore HPLC columns include LiChrosorb®, LiChrospher® and Superspher®.

Gas chromatography

Despite emerging developments in analytical chemistry, gas chromatography remains one of the most commonly used methods of analysis. No other analytical method can combine the speed and sensitivity of analysis. A wide range of high-purity solvents and standards have been adapted for sensitive applications in gas chromatography, such as pesticide residue testing and trace analysis. The company also offers solvents, standard solutions and reagents for derivatisation in gas chromatography.

Ion chromatography

Calibration solutions are often used in ion chromatography. For this purpose, Merck offers a variety of solutions. Newer ion chromatography products include solutions with several elements for environmental analysis. The new standard solutions of nitrogen and phosphorus are better than the traditional nitrate and phosphate ion solutions. All standard solutions for ion chromatography, except for fluoride solutions, are traceable to primary standard reference materials from the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, USA).

Mobile phases for chromatography

Analytical HPLC has taken a position of central importance in research and development, quality control and environmental analysis. A variety of different processes impose high demands on solvents. For accurate HPLC and TLC chromatographic results, it is important that solvents are of high purity, absorb low UV, have low acidity and alkalinity, and low evaporation residue levels. Merck LiChrosolv® solvents ideally comply with these requirements. LiChrosolv® solvents are offered for liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry. Prepsolv® solvents are provided for preparative chromatography, and LiChropur® reagents for analytical HPLC.

Sample preparation for chromatography

In order to use all aspects of chromatography, a sample must be perfectly prepared. High quality and specific sample preparation ensures rational, cost-effective and meaningful analysis. In order to facilitate your work and ensure reliable analysis, Merck offers Extrelut® sorbents, liquid-liquid extraction columns, LiChrolut® sorbents and solid phase extraction cartridges for columns. LiChrospher® ADS is our third product line for sample preparation, designed for LC-integrated, automated sample preparation.

Thin layer chromatography

Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is a simple, fast and highly versatile tool for wide spectrum analysis of materials. As a pioneer in thin layer chromatography, today Merck offers a wide range of new and reliable products. They provide many advantages for both manual and automatic high-performance TLC: cost reduction, simplification of work processes, the analyses of multiple samples simultaneously under identical conditions, ease and reproducibility of sample preparation and analysis. Furthermore, TLC can be easily upscaled for preparative layer chromatography (PLC).

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