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Level III water quality

Water is one of the most commonly used solvents in the laboratory. In some cases, water content is more than 99% of the weight of a solution. Therefore, laboratory water quality is a critical factor in determining the quality and reliability of tests. Based on the quality of purification, water is divided into: Water quality level I, water quality level II, and water quality level III. There’s also a separate group of water systems for analyzers.

A Merck water purification system uses several techniques to produce water of purity level III. This water is used for washers, final rinsing of glassware, heating baths, autoclaves, etc.

Any laboratory needs clean water production. For most users, it is associated with high costs and continuous maintenance, the results of outdated water treatment systems which cannot guarantee that the incoming water quality will remain constant over a long period of time. Merck can solve all of the problems related to producing water of purity level III. Merck water purification systems use a number of techniques, and the resulting water is suitable for:

  • Washers, final rinsing of glassware
  • Heating baths
  • Autoclaves and others.

To choose the best water system for your laboratory, you should consider several parameters: current daytime and clean water costs, water quality monitoring and certification level, etc.

Our specialists would be pleased to discuss these parameters with you in order to help you to choose a laboratory water system that best meets your needs! 

RiOs 3, 5, 8 water purification systems 

Up to 192 l/day of clean water (level 3) directly from the tap. This is a perfect solution for laboratories looking for an alternative to an individual water distillation system that uses small deionization cartridges. A RiOs-3 is a simple, cost effective and easy to operate water purification system. 

RiOs ™ Essential 5, 8, 16, 24 water purification systems

Laboratories that require up to 480 l/day. Ideal for laboratories that require a reliable system producing a constant flow of water of purity level 3, it includes additional water purification techniques, including pre-cleaning and high-quality reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

With RO technology, automatic self-maintenance and RO functions, RiOs™ Essential systems are extremely durable and require little maintenance. The system has only one replaceable primary pretreatment pack for the Progard® that is easy to change, and it only takes a few minutes.

Thanks to the RO water recovery loop, users of the system will enjoy low operating costs. The RO recovery loop extends the service life of the prefilter and reduces the water consumption of the system by 50% or more (compared to standard RO systems).

RiOs 30/50/100/150/200 water purification systems

Laboratories or entire buildings (up to 8000 l/day). Merck ensures that all the components of its systems are designed and manufactured according to the most stringent requirements. It guarantees that the entire system will meet all your requirements for treatment and efficiency.

Water storage tanks

For a high instantaneous demand for clean water, most clean water systems require a water tank. Merck has developed a variety of tanks, but all of them meet one basic rule – the water quality must not deteriorate.

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