Liquid and powder packaging filling machines for vials and bottles. Industrial Freeze dryers

IMA Life division, leader in the field of aseptic processing and freeze drying solutions, can be considered a true partner to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, offering a wide range of technologically advanced machines.

Setting new standards in aseptic processing

Producing more than 200 machines per year in the field of liquid and powder filling, most of which are integrated into complete processing lines and with over 1000 freeze dryers installed in over 50 different countries, IMA Life can manage large-scale projects, designing and manufacturing customised solutions to meet special end-user requirements.

IMA Life operates out of six production sites, each one specialised in a specific step of the process.

Customers are IMA Life’s core business. Understanding customers’ needs and offering service/support create a real benefit throughout the entire supply chain. The relationship with customers is what guides the way we design and develop machinery and services.

Qualified project managers follow the customers from the very beginning of URS definition through the entire project lifespan. They plan, organise, secure and manage resources ensuring that end-user time-to-market deadlines are met.