Laboratory chairs

BIMOS offers a wide range of laboratory chairs for many different requirements: Depending on which protection level the laboratory belongs to, there are different characteristics that are crucial for laboratory chairs. In addition to these, it is particularly important that the employees regard the laboratory chairs as comfortable and perceive them as an enhancement. At some workplaces, stools without backrests are more helpful to move as agile as possible. At other places, employees appreciate laboratory chairs with rests that gently support the back. Regardless of the place of use and the comfort of the laboratory chair, the health of the employees should be considered. This can be achieved by purchasing an ergonomic laboratory chair.

Labsit collection

Simple yet intelligent - Labsit is the clever all-round solution for sitting in the most innovative environment there is: the laboratory. Boasting a hygienic design, compact dimensions, ergonomic construction and user comfort.

Labsit is the new chair for all kinds of laboratories.

This chair can be used as a specialist laboratory seat or allrounder.

Labster collection

Labster is the world’s first real laboratory chair. It has no sharp edges, thanks to its unique, seamless design concept, where even the mechanism is hidden under the soft, washable cover. This chair also has a novel, closed plastic star base whose diameter is smaller than that of normal bases. This makes efficient use of narrow corridors and confined spaces.

Its harmonious lines do justice to the modern atmosphere of the “laboratory“ workplace.

Neon collection

Excellent design quality meets superb ergonomics and special comfort - Neon represents the new generation of work chairs. Thanks to its innovative 1+1 system, the upholstery can be changed with just one click. This means chair is flexible, sustainable and optically adaptable for the workplace.

Neon chair is easy to clean, washable, and resistant to disinfectants. This chair is always the ideal solution for the laboratory, when a really comfortable chair is needed.

Cleanroom collection

The tried-and-tested all-rounder  for use in cleanrooms. An ergonomic design, superb cleanroom properties and reliable ESD measures Yet Cleanroom Basic meets all these criteria and offers a high level of quality in the process.

Features of chair:

  • sealed upholstery with special foam technology;
  • smooth, sealed surfaces;
  • materials that are suitable for use in cleanrooms;
  • encapsulated mechanisms;
  • electrostatic discharge measures.