UAB "Biotecha"

Antakalnio g. 36,
10305 Vilnius, Lietuva
tel: +370 5 270 9055 
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Our organic solvents for both classical and instrumental analysis are supplied with the highest purity and are well described in the product specifications. If needed, we can design and apply extraction systems conforming to the requirements of security and all the necessary documentation.

Solvent distribution by area of ​​use: LiChrosolv® and Prepsolv® solvents for liquid chromatography, Uvasol® solvents for spectroscopy, SupraSolv® and UniSolv® solvents for gas chromatography, MagniSolv™ deuterated solvents for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, EMPLURA® solvents for laboratories, EMPARTA® and EMSURE® solvents for analysis, SeccoSolv® anhydrous solvents.

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