Process controls

High-quality linear process control photometric analysers for liquid and gas process controls. Photometric sensors for measuring of turbidity, colour, UV-absorbance, concentration, pH and conductivity.

For control of technological processes we offer in-line process photometry products from the world market leader OPTEK. OPTEK process control instruments are made from highest-quality materials and designed to last, even in harsh environments, such as high pressure, high temperature and aggressive media. OPTEK process control instruments are ideal for applications in a range of different industries: biotechnology, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage.

OPTEK in-line analysers for turbidity, light absorption in UV, VIS, NIR spectra, colour, concentration, pH and conductivity. All instruments are based on state-of-the-art technologies, as a result of which your results will be accurate and reliable. OPTEK process control instruments is a durable, cost-effective and efficient solution. OPTEK's wide range of process control instruments applies for control at all manufacturing stages, including in-line and laboratory turbidimeters and probes.

Process control applications in chemical industry

OPTEK offers products designed for applications in the following chemical manufacturing processes: halogen concentration, filter control, colour and concentration, phases separation.

For applications in the chemical industry OPTEK provides high performance in-line photometric process analysers to be installed at strategic points within the process (inlet pipes, outlet tubes, in tail gas of reactors or in waste water streams). To control product clarity, a turbidimeter can be installed at the start of the filtration process and in between each filtering step. If product turbidity reaches an unacceptable level, the flow can be automatically recirculated or switched to an alternate filter.

Colour measurements of liquids are critical in maintaining precise process control and meeting product quality specification. Colour changes indicate other process variables such as overheating, change in dilution ratios, the presence of dissolved impurities and finished product appearance. Typically, process colour measurements are made by taking samples from the process piping and analysing them in a lab either visually or using a laboratory analyser. OPTEK colorimeters provide precise, real-time colour change detection directly in the pipeline.

The extraction of high-cost products from an aqueous layer to an organic layer (or vice versa), or salting-in/salting-out processes, are very common and important procedures in the chemical industry. OPTEK instruments allow optimisation of separation processes and at the same time, minimises product loss and realises significant cost savings.
Process control applications in biotechnological industry
OPTEK offers control instruments for such biotechnological processes as fermentation, centrifuging, ultrafiltration, chromatography, formulation and filling, single-use technologies.
Process control applications in brewery
OPTEK produces control instruments for brewing processes, such as filtration, separation, yeast management and control, wort clarity and colour monitoring.
Process control applications in petrochemical industry

We will help you optimise your refining and petrochemical processes. OPTEK photometers will ensure all your processes run optimally. The petroleum refining and petrochemical industries benefit greatly with the use of in-line colour measurements. Detecting colour changes directly in the process stream alerts refinery personnel of immediate process upsets that may affect final product quality. OPTEK offers precise and reliable inline colour sensors for measurements of colour changes.

The quality of fractions from the crude distillation unit (CDU) need to be continuously monitored. By installing an OPTEK in-line photometer, the refinery maintains peak performance from the column and controls product quality downstream.
Process control applications in food & beverage industry
OPTEK offers control instruments for food and beverage industry processes, such as filtration, separation, colour and concentration control, phase (water/product) identification and detection, cleaning in place identification, condensate and cooling water.
Process control applications in pulp and paper industry
Control instruments for the following processes within the pulp and paper industry: chlorine dioxide vent scrubber monitoring, white liquor monitoring, raw water quality, effluent water monitoring, turbidity of white water.