Disposable systems

Mobius FlexReady has designed products that can allow an entire production process to be performed in a disposable mode. This is especially important for the production and storage of solutions, cell cultivation, clearing processes, chromatography with single-use columns, tangential filtering, virus removal, product formulation and packaging.

Presenting the fully assembled interactive GUIDE, which will help to design the manufacturing processes with reduced risks an increased efficiency. The GUIDE combines products, commonly utilized in manufacturing processes: Single-use components, excipients, filters and validation services. 

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Chromatography and tangential flow filtration
The Mobius® FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware™ assemblies is a system that can switch between chromatography scales and tangential flow filtration (TFF). One system instead of two allowing you to reduce the laboratory costs and occupied facility space. It is a fully automated system designed to achieve optimum performance during the purification of MAbs, vaccines, plasma and therapeutic proteins. The system features fast setup of hardware with easy installation of optimally designed Flexware® assemblies. Impeccable operational software and unique Smart Flexware™ 100% assemblies provide ease-of-use and robust reproducibility. Full process automation enables you to easily and reproducibly produce clinical and preclinical scale quantities of high-value drug products.