To meet the separation needs of your application we offer a full range of laboratory centrifuges. Our offering includes high speed and ultracentrifuges for protocols involving purification of proteins or RNA. General purpose bench top and floor-standing centrifuges provide a large capacity in a small footprint.


Capable of generating acceleration as high as 1.000.000 g, bench top and floor-standing ultracentrifuges enable separation and purification of protein, lipoprotein, cell organelles, DNA and RNA, as well as carbon nanotubes and other nanoparticle derivatives more efficiently than ever.


Large capacity refrigerated centrifuges

Large capacity (up to 6x1000 mL and 100.000 x g RFC) refrigerated floor-standing centrifuges are designed for separation of substances in large volumes


General-purpose centrifuges

A wide range of general-purpose centrifuges will allow optimising the separation applications in your laboratory.


Large-scale continuous flow ultracentrifuges

Large-Scale continuous flow ultracentrifuges are designed expressly to purify large-volume samples, such as viral particles or nanosized particles. Depending on the optional rotors and cores selected, the CC40NX series can be used to purify the viral particles or nanosized particles by density gradient centrifugation method and precipitate particles in large-volume samples by differential pelleting method, either in continuous low centrifugation or in batch centrifugation.