Filtration equipment for sample analysis

Direct Detect® – unique solutions for protein quantitative analysis and spectrometry.

Biomarkers and Immunoassays
We not only offer you the largest range of biomarker tests, including ELISA, RIA and MILLIPLEX® MAP (multi-analyte plates). Using our kits, reagents and high-quality tools you can consistently achieve the best results, save time and financial costs.
Western Blotting
Western blotting is one of the most commonly used methods in the laboratory, but there are still difficulties in obtaining consistent high-quality results. To sum up many years of research, Merck contributed to Western blotting innovation. In terms of the extended Western blotting product range, we have to mention of reagents for chemiluminescence and fluorescence, protein extraction kits, transfer membranes, as well as the SNAP i.d.® 2.0 system. This is a new second-generation Western blotting immunodetection phase protein detection system that reduces the blocking, washing and antibody incubation time from hours to minutes.
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteins

With the Direct Detect® spectrometer you can get results simply by dripping 2 μL of the sample. No need for separate sample preparation, no tiresome standard curves, no cuvettes, and no liquid waste. Results from the Direct Detect® system are more accurate, without any interference inherent in conventional colorimetric analysis. By counting amide bonds in the protein chain, the system accurately determines the internal structure of the protein without relying to the positioning of amino acids, binding properties or redox potential. You can assess the key components of complex mixtures, varying in their amide region I and II (e.g. lipids and carbohydrates) – which highly facilitates the preparation of lysates and membrane filtration (easier than ever before!)

Antibodies and Analysis Systems

Merck company pays special focus to antibodies and test systems. Along with Upstate® and Chemicon®, Merck supplies validated antibodies to the market for the following areas of analysis:neuroscience, epigenetics and cell signalling, tumour cell structure.