Measurement and analysis equipment

A wide range of laboratory measurement and analysis equipment is available for measurement of time and mechanical, thermal, optical and electrochemical properties.

Laboratory balances (analytical, precision, portable) from OHAUS and KERN, among others. Moisture analysers, weights and other weighting accessories.

For volume determination: volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders, graduated pipettes, Pasteur and micro pipettes, volumetric and digital burettes, dispensers, single-channel and multi-channel pipettes.

We offer tools for measurement of temperature of devices, locations or working materials, such as indicator strips, digital, high precision and glass thermometers, data loggers, meteorological stations, among others.

For optical analysis we offer magnifying glass, standard and inverted microscopes, stereo-microscopes and their cameras, refractometers, spectrophotometers and their accessories, colorimeters, etc.

We offer instruments for measurement of electrochemical properties, such as pH, mV and ion meters, electrodes, standard solutions, dissolved oxygen and multiparameter meters.