Water analysis equipment and materials

Chemical water analysis solutions from Merck.

MQuant® test strips for a quick summary of substance concentrations present in the sample
Dip the test strip for approx. 2 seconds into the solution being tested and compare the colouring of the reaction zone with the colour scale on the package.
MColortest colorimetric test kits

For low concentrations of elements: evaluation using colour cards/disks or titration.


Mobile colorimeters MOVE
Quick and reliable water analysis Mobile colorimeters are pre-programmed for over 100 parameters to obtain accurate results anywhere on spot without any risk of sample contamination or deterioration during transportation.
Spectrometers PROVE

Simplified water analysis with new class spectrometers and reagent kits

Systemic approach to water analysis:

  • Ready-made reagents
  • Reagent sets
  • Spectrometers
  • Service
  • CRM standards

Simple to use:

  • Drop your sample to a ready-made round reagent cuvette and simply get results with no further actions,


  • use ready-made reagent sets and classical cuvettes.

By reading the Live ID code the spectrometer and determines the analyte being analysed and its sensitivity. Your result will be ready in a few minutes!