Refrigerators and freezers

High-quality refrigerating equipment, which caters to applications where specifications for temperature sensitive items are at the their highest. High-precision control and information saving options ensure safe storage of your samples.

Gram BioLine

Designed and manufactured in Denmark. Gram BioLine is one of the world’s prime manufacturers of high-performance refrigerator and freezer equipment for life science applications such as laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

IlShin Biobase Europe DUO-SAFE -86ºC

IlShin Biobase Europe DUO-SAFE -86ºC ultra-low temperature freezers offer the best available reliability and security for your samples. Two independent refrigeration systems working together to achieve an exceptionally stable temperature inside the DUO-SAFE freezers. In case of malfunction of one of the refrigeration systems (broken compressor or leakage in the refrigeration system, for example) the other refrigeration system is able to keep the samples temperature at -80ºC until the broken refrigeration system is repaired.