Molecular biology solutions

Innovative solutions for the preparation, cultivation and analysis of cell cultures. High quality and a wide range of Merck antibodies and immune-detection kits. All the necessary equipment for genomics analysis, recombinant polymerase and transfection reagents featuring New SmartFlare™ RNA detection technology.

DNA Preparation and cloning
A successful polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a very important factor in determining the DNA sequence, where it is necessary to examine functions by sequence, mutation, transcription or gene expression. The polymerase chain reaction affects DNA replication by DNA polymerase thermostability. The specificity of the process and the accuracy of the polymerase enzyme used can determine the PCR efficiency and effectiveness to a large extent. Merck molecular biology specialists work hard to develop the newest and most advanced polymerases that meet customer needs in order to save you time and resources.
Transfection and protein expression

Successful expression of mammalian or insect cell recombinant proteins requires a transfection protocol that maximizes transfection efficiency, reduces cytotoxicity, and leads to the desired level of protein expression. Merck recognizes that there is no single solution to fit all needs of transfection. We supply transfection reagents for your experiments.

With Merck protein expression platforms, you can select the proteins that you want to analyse. You will no longer have restrictions, such as solubility, effectiveness or toxicity. With Novagen® cloning and recombinant protein expression technology, Merck allows analysis of even the most complex gene functions.

SmartFlare™ living cell RNA detection
Instead of analysing lysed cells, let’s move to live cells. Then we can combine the sample preparation and transfection steps. Live cell RNA detection is now possible in one step, using the specific technology of RNA detection with native inert nanoparticles for incubation.
SmartRNAplex™ microRNA profiling analysis
Using flow cytometry, SmartRNAplex™ microRNA profiling analysis allows the simultaneous detection of up to 68 MicroRNA in each of 96 samples. SmartRNAplex™ microRNA analysis uses a patented Firefly™ technology with uniquely encoded hydrogel particles created by the innovators of Firefly BioWorks™. Firefly™ hydrogel particles are hydrophilic, bio-inert, flexible and porous, allowing the necessary molecules to diffuse and bind in unique three-dimensional nano connections. As a result, you will have more targeted miRNA particle connections, enabling you to maximise the signal, have a greater dynamic range and decreased background interference.