Filtration equipment for sampling

Increasing environmental pollution has a significant impact on industrial hygiene and requires precise compliance to hygiene requirements in the industries of production of medicines, food products and mechanical and electrical components. With Merck filters and other products for particulate monitoring you will contribute to the reduction of global environmental pollution. Before analysing air or fluid samples you should collect, separate or remove impurities. Our experienced team of professionals will help you choose the appropriate filter elements based on your sample applications. These include syringe filters, membranes, filter holders and other filtration equipment.

Air Monitoring
Production processes could lead to the release of hazardous substances into the environment, such as asbestos, oil vapours, gaseous fluorides, aerosol solvents and radioactive particles that pollute the air and harm the environment, therefore, you should know their accurate amounts. We offer the whole range of Merck filters and equipment for detection of air pollutants, to facilitate your air sample preparation for further analysis.
Water Monitoring
Water pollutants such as microorganisms, organic, inorganic chemicals, or metals can enter drinking water, ground water and drains. These pollutants may have significant negative effects on all living aquatic organisms. In order to protect water bodies from pollution we recommend using Merck membrane filters designed to help keep track of emission levels and facilitate the preparation of water samples for further analysis.
Soil Monitoring
Soil sampling, sample preparation and detection of pollutants, including heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons and volatile solvents, will be much more accurate with Merck filters and filter holders. Merck hazardous waste filtration solutions include the Zero Head Space Extractor sample extraction system, compliant with the EPA toxicity characteristics, as well as filters, holders and collectors designed to ensure the best results for further analysis. Compared with instrumental analysis, Millex® syringe filters are ideal for sample preparation due to low extractable substances and small quantities of binding membranes for analytes.
Fuel Monitoring
Dirty fuel can reduce the engine power, fuel efficiency, and speed up the wear and tear of the main components. The use of higher pressure in injection engines and more stringent requirements for today's diesel fuel require careful monitoring of fuel pollution. With Merck filters and filter holders you can accurately measure fuel pollution and maintain the impeccable engine's performance according to the requirements.
Hydraulic Fluid Monitoring
Fluid contamination is responsible for more than half of all hydraulic system failures. Merck filters help you reduce the loss of costly and dangerous materials, and gravimetric, microscopic or colorimetric analysis helps keep track of the contamination levels of your hydraulic system.