Sample preparation and processing

Sample preparation can be done by different ways or methods, and it can take up most of the testing time. Poor, inadequate sample preparation can be a major mistake that affects the purity of a sample and causes errors in the analytical results. Therefore, we will help you choose the best method for your sample preparation in order to make it optimal and ensure a reliable follow-up analysis. We offer all the necessary devices for heat treatment, mixing, homogenising, distillation, purification, filtration, sterilization of samples, etc. for all sample preparation stages.

We offer heating ovens used in general purpose heat treatment procedures and many containers for them (evaporating dishes or crucibles) for use at high temperatures.
Mixing, homogenizing and shaking
Sample crushing, grating, mixing, homogenizing. Homogenizers, suspended mixers, shakers, blenders, magnetic stirrers.
Fluid intake and storage
Glass and serological pipettes for fluid sampling; gradated and non-gradated, sterile and non-sterile. Automatic pipettes, electronic pipettes, Pasteur pipettes, pipette accessories, pipette tips, dispensers.
Micro centrifuges, desk centrifuges, test tubes for centrifuges. All accessories are designed to improve the quality of your centrifugation process.
Dissolved foods are often very difficult to filter due to their high solid content. Filtering tools are selected according to the composition of filtered products, further use, and the method of analysis. They include paper filters, glass fibre filters and syringe filters.
Analytical, precision and simple laboratory scales for the food, pharmaceutical industry and laboratories. All weighing accessories.